We Critically Inspect Our Oil Country Pipe and All Products

The Oklahoma Pipe Sales team critically inspects all products that we sell. When you choose us as your oil country pipe and tubular good supplier, there will be no surprises! We use the finest production repair shop and machine shop for cleaning, reconditioning and testing pipe and tubular products. Whether you’re a returning customer or first-time sale, let us take care of your oil and gas production equipment needs. Call Paul Levy at (405) 382-3522 to help you find what you need to complete your well.

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Providing Used and New Pipe for Our Clients

Oklahoma Pipe Sales specializes in procuring pipe for all forms of oil and gas production and drilling operations. We have happy clients ranging from independent operations to large, international companies. Our staff will safely and efficiently find, stock, prepare, and ship materials to any well site. Let us show you how enjoyable doing business with us can be. Call Paul Levy at (405) 382-3522!

Delivering Oil Pipe and Tubular Goods Needed for Your Well

Oklahoma Pipe Sales will locate oil pipe, assess the condition, use our production repair and machine shop for cleaning, reconditioning, and testing, and safely and effectively deliver materials to your well! With over thirty years of experience in the oil and gas industry, our customers can rely on us to deliver materials as promised and described. Call Paul Levy at (405) 382-3522 to help you find what you need to keep your oil and gas operations running seamlessly!

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Buying and Selling High Quality New and Used Pipe

Oklahoma Pipe Sales specializes in buying and selling high quality new and used down hole and surface equipment for your oil and gas production. This includes: Casing, Tubing, Rods, Pumping Units, Tanks, Production Equipment and anything else required to complete your well. While our main offices are in Seminole, Oklahoma, we do store equipment in yards all across the United States; from Houston, Texas to Williston, North Dakota. Call Paul Levy at (405) 382-3522 for your used or new pipe!