We Supply New and Used Equipment for Your Drilling Operations

Whether you’re a large corporation or small independent operation looking for oil country pipe and tubular goods for drilling, you can rely on the staff at Oklahoma Pipe Sales! Our business model is: safe, reliable, competitive, and trustworthy. Let us show you how enjoyable doing business with us can truly be. We have happy clients in California, Central Texas, East Texas, Oklahoma and South Texas. Contact us soon at (405) 382-3522.

Your Premier Pipe Supplier in Oklahoma

We carry all types of new and used pipe for your oil and gas production and drilling operations. We have gas pipe, line pipe, New Oilfield pipe, oil and gas pipe, oil drilling pipe, oil field pipe, oil well pipe, seamless pipe, welded pipe, and more! Most of our used pipe are collected from abandoned or plugged wells. Everything goes through our production repair shop and machine shop for cleaning, reconditioning and testing pipe and tubular products. Contact Oklahoma Pipe Sales at (405) 382-3522.

Oil and Gas Operation Big or Small – We Supply Pipe for All!

At Oklahoma Pipe Sales, we use our experience and knowledge to efficiently find, stock, prepare, and ship materials to your well site.  Whether your oil and gas operation is small or big, we’ll make sure to provide the best in oil country pipe and tubular goods for drilling. Besides selling OCTG, our team can help you find and procure production equipment such as tanks, vessels, pumping units and more. We also offer logistics and freight coordination. Reach us at (405) 382-3522.

Types of Used Pipe that OPS Offers

What are some of the types of pipe that we offer? We can provide oil and gas pipes, oil drilling pipe, oil field pipe, oil pipe, oil pipe fittings, and oil well pipe. Along with the products, we also offer steam cleaning, straightening and testing for your pipe. For over 30 years, we’ve helped clients in Oklahoma, Texas,  and Louisiana receive high-quality, used pipe for their well site. You can depend on us for your oil and gas production equipment needs! Contact OPS at (405) 382-3522.