New and Used Pipe Available for Your Operations

Oklahoma Pipe Sales will provide new and used pipe for your drilling. We have a centrally located yard in Seminole, OK but store equipment in yards across the nation. Our production repair and machine shop cleans, reconditions and tests all pipe and tubular products. We fully manage the delivery of the pipe, the casing, pumping units and tanks. Contact Paul Levy at (405) 382-3522!

Delivering Casing to a Client in Oklahoma

Looking for casing for your drilling? We’ve got everything you need to complete your well! Our experienced staff is ready to help you find what you’re looking for and manage the delivery.  For over 30 years, Oklahoma Pipe Sales has helped our clients in the oil industry find and procure the production equipment that they need to keep their operations smoothly running. Contact Paul Levy at (405) 382-3522!

Buying and Selling High Quality New and Used Pipe

Oklahoma Pipe Sales specializes in buying and selling high quality new and used down hole and surface equipment for your oil and gas production. This includes: Casing, Tubing, Rods, Pumping Units, Tanks, Production Equipment and anything else required to complete your well. While our main offices are in Seminole, Oklahoma, we do store equipment in yards all across the United States; from Houston, Texas to Williston, North Dakota. Call Paul Levy at (405) 382-3522 for your used or new pipe!

Load of Casing Transported from Our Oklahoma Yard

Along with used and new pipe, we buy and sell quality used and new downhole and surface equipment. This includes – but is not limited to – casing, tubing, rods, pumping units, tanks, production equipment, and more. Oklahoma Pipe Sales are your premier experts for your oil country pipe and tubular goods for drilling. We have an excellent relationship with our oil and gas contacts from California, Texas, Oklahoma and all over the United States.  Let us know what you need to complete your well! Call Paul Levy at (405) 382-3522!