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For over 30 years, Oklahoma Pipe Sales has supplied oil country pipe and tubular goods for drilling to both independent mom ‘n pop shops and large, international companies. We locate pipe, thoroughly assess the quality of the materials that we procure, and deliver the equipment promptly and professionally to our clients. Talk to Paul Levy about our new and used pipe specials at (405) 382-3522.

Ready to Ship Pipe Out to Your Well Site in 2021

Is your well site prepared for your oil and gas operations this year? Let Oklahoma Pipe Sales help find what you need for your oil and gas production! We specialize in procuring new and used pipe, but also offer procurement of all types of equipment: Casing, Tubing, Rods, Pumping Units, Tanks, Production Equipment and anything else you may need. We will also completely manage the freight logistics so that our high quality products get delivered to our customers, just as described. Contact Paul Levy at (405) 382-3522.

Oil Pipe and Equipment to Complete Your Well

With over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Oklahoma Pipe Sales is ready to help you with what you need for your production and operations! From independent operations to international oil companies, our diverse client base can attest to our reliability and competitive prices. We continue to grow and to adapt to costumer needs everyday. There is no job too big or small for us to handle. Let us help you find what you need to complete your well. Reach Paul Levy at (405) 382-3522.

Ready to Answer All Questions on Our Oil Country Pipe and Tubular Goods

Our expert and skilled staff is ready to answer any questions you have about what you need for your oil and gas production site! Oklahoma Pipe Sales have yards all across the nation, with a centrally located yard in Seminole, Oklahoma. Our loyal clients would attest our reliability and trustworthiness as a business partner. Along with new and used oil country pipe and tubular goods for drilling, we have casing, tubing, rods, pumping units, tanks, and other production equipment which are all cleaned and tested in our repair and machine shop. Reach OPS at (405) 382-3522.

Depend on Oklahoma Pipe Sales for Your Oil and Gas Production Equipment!

Whether you’re an independent mom ‘n pop operation or an international oil company, Oklahoma Pipe Sales will support you! We have an excellent reputation with all of our oil and gas industry contacts from California, Texas, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and anywhere in the United States. We’ll help find and procure oil country pipe and tubular goods, along with other production equipment such as tanks, vessels, and pumping units. We carefully assess the quality of all materials and will also manage freight logistics. Contact Paul Levy at (405) 382-3522!

A Pleasant Buying Experience with Oklahoma Pipe Sales

From initial call to delivery, we are here for our customers! Customer service is our specialty and we want the entire experience to be as seamless as possible. Safe, reliable, competitive, and trustworthy defines our business model. Give us a chance to show you how enjoyable doing business with us can truly be. For your oil pipe and production equipment procurement, reach Paul Levy at (405) 382-3522.

Wondering Where We Get Our Pipe From?

Curious as to where our pipe comes from? Most of our pipe and equipment are harvested from plugged or abandoned wells! We do our best to conserve and reuse pipe and production equipment. OPS has the finest production repair and machine shop where we clean, recondition and test pipe. We store our pipe in yards across the United States, with our central yard being in Seminole, Oklahoma. Call us today at (405) 382-3522 and let Paul Levy know what you need for your oil and gas production.

Looking for New or Used Pipe with Specifications?

Oklahoma Pipe Sales has an excellent reputation among our oil and gas contacts. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we specialize in pipe for all types of oil and gas production and drilling operations. Check out our 2 3/8 And 2 7/8 PH6 premium pipe and rig that is ready to go! If you’re looking for any specific pipe or equipment, give Paul Levy a call at (405) 382-3522!

Pipe and Rig Ready at Our Yard in Seminole

Oklahoma Pipe Sales has 2 3/8 And 2 7/8 PH6 premium pipe and rig ready for shipment to your oil and gas production site! We coordinate logistics for all locations in the United States and have clients from all over who can attest to our expertise and a positive customer experience. We treat all of our customers like family and will provide all of the information you need on your Oil Country Tubular Goods. Call Paul Levy at (405) 382-3522!

We Have Pipe Stored in Multiple Locations

Whether you’re a returning customer or it’s your first time doing business with Oklahoma Pipe Sales, we will treat you with the same respect and prompt service! We have happy clients from California, Texas, Oklahoma and all over the United States. While our main office and central yard is in Seminole, Oklahoma, our staff has experience dealing with pipe from multiple locations. We store equipment in yards all across the nation. Let us help you find what you need to continue your oil and gas production operations. Reach OPS at (405) 382-3522!

Locating Used Pipe in Oklahoma and Throughout the US

Are your oil and gas production operations at a halt because you need to procure more equipment and pipe? Oklahoma Pipe Sales has you covered! For over 30 years, we’ve helped a whole range of clients – from small mom ‘n pop shops to large, international operations – acquire new and used downhole and surface equipment. We use the finest product repair shop to clean, re-condition, and test all pipe and tubular products. The quality that we are describing to you will always be what you’re receiving! We will also coordinate freight logistics and delivery of equipment for you. Call Paul Levy at (405) 382-3522!